Ethical Humanitarian
World Ethical Foundations Consortium Inaugural Event featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Inaugural Event Recap

In April 2009, more than 100 people gathered in Albany with a bold mission: explore three injustices affecting our world and use that knowledge to develop tangible, actionable solutions.

The event marked the first formal gathering of the World Ethical Foundations Consortium, a non-profit initiative of the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, whose mission is to bring together a committed group of visionaries and enable them to work together in expanding humanitarian efforts around the world.

The inaugural meeting of the World Ethical Foundations Consortium deeply affected those who attended. Each participant gained a deep understanding of each injustice from a humanistic perspective and with this understanding, collectively developed action plans that will have a significant and far-reaching impact.

Attendees included experts, leaders, and dignitaries representing many diverse social arenas. Each person expressed an unyielding commitment to humanity and its principles, as well as a demonstrated understanding of ethical conduct. Building on diverse backgrounds and experiences, this group used a unique, highly directed, coordinated approach to bring compassion and ethics to some of the primary social challenges facing of our civilization.