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May 7th, 2009

Welcome to the World Ethical Foundations Consortium weblog -  a place where you can follow the progress of the participants from the WEFC’s inaugural event, the progress of each of the initiatives that have grown out of the event (Human Honor and the Science of Media, Mexico: Oppression and Violence, and Women and Social Icons), as well as general WEFC news.

If you participated in the World Ethical Foundation Consortium’s inaugural event in Albany, New York and would like to contribute,  please contact us and send blog submissions to [email protected]

From Michael Howes: Women and Social Icons

May 7th, 2009

I have always held women in very high esteem. It wasn’t until the WEFC event though that I realized just how objectifying my actions were as a man; regardless of my intentions. By gathering a diverse number of perspectives on this topic and then exploring my perspective in great detail, I came to have a much deeper appreciation and respect for women; and a much deeper sense of just how damaging objectification is. I am looking forward to creating new social icons that uphold all of humanity; not just one gender’s slanted perspective.

From Enrique Martin-Moreno

May 7th, 2009

I returned from the WEFC to a very strange reality in Mexico, all schools including the universities were closed and I had very little data on what was going on or even what the dangers of the “new virus” were. Slowly information started to become available and it was very empowering to be able to distinguish the players, their fears, what it was important for them to control, what interests are they serving, etc… As the “emergency” grew, our lives were turned upside down, with the prohibition of public gatherings and the closing of most business. I could see how violent the use of the information can be and how many players were making violent use of it and the effects that was having in society. The WEFC gave me a new filter that allowed me not to fall into fear while keeping myself safe and healthy. I am becoming a more calm leading agent for those around me. My life will never be the same.

From Michael Howes: Human Honor

May 6th, 2009

Prior to the World Ethical Foundations Consortium’s inaugural event, my interest in Media was primary skeptical in nature. I had a vague understanding of the mechanism of the Media and saw very few options to create change. At the WEFC I learned in a very compassionate and introspective manner not only how the Media works, but also how I participate in perpetuating the problem. This was a truly beautiful and transformitive experience for me and the other participants. The net effect of which is enabling a committed and passionate group of people to more effectively create positive changes within the Media realm.

From Mariana Musi

May 6th, 2009

Seven months ago I was privileged to be  part of the group that had a few meetings with Keith Raniere where we discussed how violence in México is getting worse and worse.
A non-violent movement called INLAK´ECH started then and is still active in Mexico today.

Since that day I started questioning myself, questioning the violence in me, the violence I use in my life and violence as my daily way of living. (news, tv, radio, friends kidnapped, etc..)

It has been a very revealing process where I’ve noticed things about my life I never thought about before. Every day I choose to remind myself that violence is not only about killing or kidnapping or selling drugs.  To stop the violence in the world I have to start with myself, I have to start by stopping to be violent to me.

If I change, the world would change.

One day during the WEFC event, I was talking to my mother and she mentioned that sometimes the fear to lose control makes you lose control of your life.

That idea stayed in my mind…I realized that there’s a moment in life, and for me it has been a process that started 7 months ago, when that fear changes to passion and today is the passion to live and the passion for life that motivates me as a human being.

My fear to lose my life changed to a passion to be alive.

My whole world changed, and I am working to keep that alive.

Mariana Musi

From Arturo “Raton” Garcia-Torres

May 6th, 2009

What is most valuable about the experience of the Consortium for me is that it gave me not only the tools but the emotional strength to uphold my self! I now understand and can be compassionate with me/others of my own struggle and paradox: I am an active member of Inlakech, a Non-Violent Movement in Mexico, and I am a violent person too. However, this awareness gives me the will, compassion and inner strength to work my fears and uphold my self as the best “Me” by upholding my most nobel values, those of humanity.

I believe the Consortium set the example of what accountability is. They took something on and did not stop until it is out there in the world! And because of that, I now live in a world where people do provoke for humanity! I now live in a world where people (like you) are hopeful, compassionate and full of joy regardless of the circumstances. I now live in a world where people are taken on… (Consortium) I love your world and I want to be part of it too!!!!

From Nandie Oosthuizen

May 6th, 2009

My name is Nandie Oosthuizen.  I am 19 years old and my biggest goal in life has always been to be a true humanitarian person.  However, until the 5 day WEFC event, I really had no clue what that entailed and therefore didn’t even have a fair chance at becoming that which I wanted to be someday.  For 5 days we talked about several topics such as Women and Social Icons, Mexico: Oppression and Violence, and Human Honor and the Science of Media.  Explaining the product that emerged for me as a result of this 5 day process, is very hard to put in words.  One thing I can say is that I realized what being a humanitarian is all about, and just how hard it is.  It is being able to put yourself in every person’s shoes and understand the things they do and the fears and limitations that cause them to do those things.

Then, by understanding those things in terms of how I do it myself, it becomes impossible to judge and condemn and organic and inevitable to understand and help compassionately.  I also therefore realized that I could not grow my Charitable Organization, Hand & Heart, without growing and improving myself.  I can not help and heal others until I learn to help and heal myself.  Finally, by understanding the tendency we have as humans, to excuse and ignore our own limitations and instead continuously blame, condemn, judge and fix others, we can see how violence and intolerance continues to prosper in our world.  And ultimately this is what I think Gandhi meant when he said to “be the change you wish to see in the world”.  For as long as we are violent, intolerant and inconsistent ourselves in our daily lives, those things will continue to exists outside ourselves too.  WEFC’s 5 day process really helped me realize this for myself in a very humanitarian, gentle and rational way.


From Juan Carlos Lozano

May 6th, 2009

I knew that the first World Ethical Foundations Consortium event was going to be a great experience because of the people who were involved, but I never thought It would be possible to interact with so many people enriching each others thoughts and sharing their knowledge with such a profound respect for others. WEFC made that possible in a way that serves as a perfect example of how humanity and civilization can succeed.

Those five days really changed my perspective of life, especially with the “Women and Social Icons” topic, because it was an area where I could recognize myself as part of the problem as well as a possible part of the solution. If we want peace and to uphold humanity, we should first recognize our participation in every problem of the world we live now; otherwise, we’ll just keep on doing what we’ve been doing: Blaming.

WEFC events will not only bring hope to humanity, but specific objectives and tools that will let us measure how close or far we are to what we all want. Peace.

Juan Carlos Lozano