Ethical Humanitarian
World Ethical Foundations Consortium

Like all living organisms, communities must have basic components or "branches" to exist. Ultimately, the balance and health of each branch determines if a community is to merely survive or, in the best of worlds, thrive. We believe truly interdependent, civilized communities are non-violent and utilize compassionate ethical methods and solutions to address the different problems within. Our organization seeks to build such communities.

The World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC) is a highly directed initiative promoting the understanding and application of compassionate ethics in the world community. Our distinguished members are individuals demonstrating a high degree of ethics and commitment to humanity—compassionate ethics—and an expertise in at least one community branch. We provide these individuals with a unique ethical toolset enabling each to resolve ethical questions and achieve a deeper understanding of the nature of compassionate ethics. With this understanding, a person can come to experience compassionate ethics within more fully and, in turn, apply it in all decisions. In this way, WEFC experts may examine any issue within the world, understand the nature of the fear underlying the issue, and create innovative pathways to resolve the issue through compassion.